MEP has been helpful in my new life in Islam.  I performed Shahada on December 3, 2012 and found that the Masjid where I took Shahada did not have instruction or guidance for women.  I was referred to another Masjid who offered a women’s class once a week (which I attend) and decided that I wanted more guidance as a new convert.  That’s when I went online and found the ICD website and contacted them by email.  I was contacted a couple of weeks after that, and directed to MEP.

I like the fact that I receive emails about class, workshops, seminars, and other events regarding Islam.  And the one-on-one mentoring is great.  One of the sisters contacts me periodically to see how I’m doing and to offer help and guidance wherever needed.   And we meet from time to time at her home or a café to visit.
It is a very useful  to have someone to turn to for answers  and guidance as a new convert and I feel that MEP is helping fill the gap.

–AishaMichelle Johnson