Lisa Wyse

MEP has given me resources to learn the true meaning of Islam. The classes they hold every week have kept my iman strong in times when life pulls me away from Islam.  Many times throughout this transition to Islam I’ve felt like an outsider. Often I have found myself standing in a room without a single familiar face, unsure of how to act and where to go, but MEP has welcomed me into a community and helped me to feel a part of something.  This group has taken the foreign out of Islam and replaced it with a way of life that I can understand and relate to.  An organization like this one is so important. This organization and the people involved have grown my love for this deen and shown me the beauty of God’s religion.   I think organizations like this one are important because often converts don’t have a support system.  They’re often struggling with a family that doesn’t understand Islam and friends that don’t understand their decision.  They also don’t know where to look for answers to their questions.  Many turn to the internet which isn’t always reliable.  This organization helps new Muslims to learn the facts about Islam so they can not only stay firm in their own beliefs, but also feel confident and knowledgeable enough to explain their decision to other people.

–Lisa Wyse