Marcia Jordan

I am a 24 year old Muslim convert. . I am a black single mother of a 3 year old boy, Cameron. I come from a family of multiple religious practices, some Christian, some Jehovah Witness, some Catholic, and some without any distinct religious involvement. I am the only practicing Muslim in my entire family.
The first Islamic event that I attended was an event co-hosted by Project Unity and MEP on Belle Isle. At this event Brother Saleem Khalid gave the Khutbah. Following this event I was invited to another event, an effort to film a documentary about Muslim sisters. Featured were sisters who were born Muslim, New Muslim Converts, Sisters who had been Muslim for years, and Myself who was not yet Muslim. Again, Brother Saleem Khalid was in attendance and asked the sisters questions regarding challenges they faced as Muslim women, challenges that were anticipated by myself as someone who was interested in Islam. In addition to asking questions, Brother Saleem Khalid also answered our questions.
Following the second event I was reassured by the Khalid family that I could contact them anytime regarding any concerns or questions I had about converting to Islam. In addition to all that the Khalid family has been, I am also grateful for the efforts of MEP. I have been to classes such as Quran reading and interpretation at the Wayne State University Masjid, teachings of Islam at the Canton Mosque, and sister’s circle with sister Hasina and other sisters. I am most grateful for the development of such a great organization, and all of its’ efforts for the community.

–Marcia Jordan